Mobile Response Cleaning

MACclean (ni) Ltd employs 3 Mobile Response Units to supply emergency and planned cleaning / maintenance service to our clients.
Our mobile units provide a range of services including:

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Cleaning
  • Periodical Maintenance Services
  • Car Park Maintenance
  • Litter Picking

These Units are also used as support to our Contract Cleaning Division for emergency / planned cover situations which may be required to ensure our clients a consistent level of service at all times.
All cleaning requirements can be tailored to meet all our clients’ requirements.

The benefits of MACclean (ni) Ltd’s Mobile Response Cleaning Units

MACclean (ni) Ltd, with headquarters in Belfast, have found that Mobile Response Cleaning Units feed in very well to a ‘one team’ concept and approach which provides a cohesive, consistent co-ordinated and smooth-running solution to all cleaning requirements. Through daily communication and interaction joint decisions can be made to deal efficiently with either planned or emergency customer cleaning needs. The client can enjoy complete confidence in the ‘one team’s’ ability to deliver a more flexible and responsive service either in response to a pre-planned service situation or an unforeseen incident. Mobile Response Cleaning Units can hasten the response time to a clients cleaning request dispensing with any possible down time in the process through providing instant management of on the spot client needs. Not only is this an effective fast response facility but also a factor with proven financial and administrative benefits. It enables fast track cost management and budgeting. The operational benefits of MACclean (ni) Ltd’s consolidated approach with Mobile Response Units ready instantly to take up the slack in the system, is considerable. Client immediate access to cleaning requirements means happy customers and repeat business for MACclean (ni) Ltd. The advantages are twofold – the customer experience is greatly enhanced and the Company’s operations management system facilitates better customer service.

The range of mobile response services we offer, particularly, Car Park Maintenance and Litter Picking means we can react quickly to the situation on the ground with very fast response times. With three mobile response units on call there will always be one available to deal immediately with emergency calls or even assist with pre-planned operations. Customer service can be maintained to a very high standard providing clients with a support service that is well beyond their realistic expectations in terms of both speedy response and quality cleaning outcomes.