Hygiene Services

MACclean (ni) Ltd supply a full range of Hygienic Services and provide the management support to maintain the services for your Washroom Facilities.
Our services include :

  • Feminine Hygiene Bins
  • Hygiene Vending Units
  • Air Freshener Units
  • Sanitizing Systems
  • Toilet Seat Sanitisers
  • Medical and Nappy Bin
  • Urinal Sani Sleeve Service

All services are tailored to meet our client’s specified service requirements such as : Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly.
All installation costs are Free of Charge.

The benefits of using MACclean (ni) Ltd Hygiene Services

We are one of Northern Ireland’s leading providers of Hygiene Services.  Based in Belfast, we offer an extensive range of products and services to enhance your Hygiene Facilities. We as the expert hygiene suppliers to your clients are a vital link in educating them in the benefits of good hygiene standards. We understand the hygiene challenges and risks in different commercial and industrial sectors, placing us in pole position to liaise with our customers to find the most effective hygiene solutions for them.

MACclean (ni) Ltd takes cognisance of a global study that found businesses could be at risk by not addressing ill-smelling washroom facilities. We pay particular attention to this factor and source our washroom products accordingly. We will provide high quality air fresheners and air sterilisers in your washroom that help to reassure visitors of your policy to provide a pleasant odour experience for your customers and employees. Fresh smells create a positive view of your business wash facilities and inspire good judgements about the rest of your enterprise.

Equally, provision of efficient vending services to dispense hygiene products is an essential part of good washroom facilities and we provide a choice of excellent vending machines – manual or automatic to service patrons and employees. We can even provide nappy vending solutions and related products as well as nappy disposal facilities.

We are a one stop shop for all our clients’ needs including washroom waste bin provision. We provide Feminine Hygiene Bins which are designed for high footfall environments and help mitigate clients’ housekeeping requirements. They provide an unobtrusive convenient place for visitors to dispose of their discarded paper towels and sanitary waste. We also provide nappy and medical services disposal facilities with the provision of suitable waste bins.

MAcclean (ni) Ltd can supply an extensive range of sanitising equipment and products to our clients ensuring their washroom and toileting facilities are always clean, hygienic and pleasant smelling. It is imperative that sanitisation is effective to maintain user friendly sanitary facilities and to ensure clean bacteria free hardware and flooring. This is a high impact visitor area that should always be spotlessly clean and fresh so Company standards are not compromised in any way. We will ensure that our services conform to your requirements to provide the desired standards of cleanliness and hygiene that your customers demand and deserve.