Mat Rental & Pest Control

Mat Rental Services:

  • MACclean (ni) Ltd can supply Mat Rental Service for our clients’ premises
  • We can supply a range of mats in a variety of sizes and colours
  • All mats can be rented on a weekly / Fortnightly basis
  • All mats will be serviced as per rental arrangement

Why Mat Rentals from MACclean (ni) Ltd is the best solution

The value of entrance mats in retail, commercial or industrial complexes is often overlooked or completely disregarded generally due to a lack of awareness of the benefits. Rental Mats, from MACclean (ni) Ltd in Belfast, are a professional rental service to businesses throughout Northern Ireland. A clean and neatly presented entrance creates a favourable first impression to your clients and we can provide that service with a wide choice of mats for you to choose from. We offer a lift and lay service of your dirty mats for clean ones as and when you request it – normally fortnightly or monthly. All our mats are cleaned professionally and warm washed to ensure they are bacterially clean and the pile restored to its optimum efficiency.

Make a positive statement with pristine floor mats and increase your business values credibility. These mats are ideal for dust control in busy public entrance areas and are suitable for commercial or industrial use. A great way to maintain a clean entrance in Shopping Centres Schools and Colleges, Factories, Offices and High Street retail stores. They also have a safety and accident prevention role. Visitors can wipe wet foot wear on them possibly avoiding a potential accident of slipping on tiled flooring. MACclean (ni) Ltd can provide you with a range of mats to meet your requirements. By renting from us, we do the lifting and laying, providing a service that takes control of the whole rental process and frees you from any responsibility or hassle for their maintenance.

Pest Control Services:

MACclean (ni) Ltd can supply Pest Control Services comprising of the following:

  • Rodent Control
  • Insect Control
  • Electricity Fly Killer Units
  • Bird Control
  • Water Hygiene Services

All services would be supplied on 8 visits per annum and charged quarterly.

The benefits of using MACclean (ni) Ltd to resolve your pest problem

Macclean (ni) Ltd, based in Belfast, provide a professional pest control service that is customer-centric, providing each client with perfect customer service and aftercare. Our clients range from domestic homes to large commercial enterprises but we approach every task, no matter how great or small, with our trademark fast response and attention to detail. We have become one of the leading pest control services in Northern Ireland by providing an efficient and best value for money service. Our experience is wide and varied, ranging from bedbug eradication to mice and rodent extermination. We have successfully dealt with bird and fox control and provided deterrents. Our qualified technicians always find a solution and in doing so exercise the greatest care and competency in dealing humanely and discreetly with pest control problems.

MACclean (ni) Ltd’s team of pest controllers will always approach every customer with courtesy and empathy whilst quietly, calmly and efficiently dealing with the pest control issue. All control methods will be safe and administered in an environmentally aware capacity with little or no impact on third parties.